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To Balaton by Railway: More Trains and Dining Carriages

Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.14.

This year, MÁV, the Hungarian public railway network, operates with nearly 40% more trains on the northern and southern sides of Lake Balaton during the summer peak time from  June 15th to August 25th, while the Balaton Express trains are awaiting travelers with dining carriages between Budapest and the ‘Hungarian Sea.’

As in previous years, holidaymakers can travel to the ‘Hungarian sea’ by the well-known Kék hullám, Tekergő, and Katica trains to the northern shore of Lake Balaton, while they can take the Balaton, Tópart, Déli→ parti, and Siófok Flirt trains to the southern shore of the lake.

The trains do not stop at night either: the so-called Bagolyvonat night train which services the southern shore, are also available this year, which, according to entertainment needs, will run from Thursday evening through Monday until dawn, while during the big festivals in Zamárdi (Balaton Sound, Strand, B my Lake), they will run every night, so festival-goers can get home safely and comfortably.

Special attention is paid to the trains on Lake Balaton this year, because after a long time, some trains will run with dining carriages again for a more comfortable journey. The offer is tailored to the needs of up to 1-3 hours of travel: simple, varied meals, cold and hot drinks are offered at a “price matched for the budget of domestic travelers.” The test period starts tomorrow, on June 15th.

MTI/Máthé Zoltán

Csodalatosbalaton.hu listed what travelers can eat on the trains and how much the food costs. The START hamburger will cost 1290 forints, but holidaymakers will find soups, sandwiches, salads, desserts and, of course, drinks on the menu as well.

Sandwiches and salads cost between 950 and 1690 forints on the Balaton Express trains, but a cheese cream or tomato soup is only 350 HUF. The main meals are also varied, for example, the chicken with peas and rice cost around 1390 HUF.

MTI/Máthé Zoltán

In addition to the dining carriages, the Balaton express trains will operate with more air-conditioned IC wagons than in July of last year. According to MÁV, in the summer of 2018, 1 million 557 thousand people traveled by train to or from Lake Balaton, 120 thousand more than the previous year.