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Demszky: Lajos Bokros Should be Mayor Candidate for Budapest


Former liberal mayor of Budapest Gábor Demszky suggested center-right politician Lajos Bokros to be the candidate of the opposition party alliance at the October local government election, wrote daily Népszabadság on Saturday. Demszky, mayor of Budapest between 1990 and 2010, he believes Bokros would have a chance against Fidesz candidate and current mayor István Tarlós.

The Former SzDSz (Alliance of Free Democrats, Szabad Demokraták Szövetsége) politician thinks that with Bokros the opposition would regain control over the “most important city of the country”. The comment came as quite a surprise as Demszky, since his retirement in 2010, avoided making political comments.

According to Népszabadság, he only decided to voice his opinion after seeing the current opposition candidate list. Demszky also mentioned Lajos Balázsovits, who according to his opinion, is not a well-known person, as the population of Budapest has to believe that a candidate can run the city.

In other news, while center-left opposition parties struggle to come up with a candidate, far-right party Jobbik named theirs on Friday. The Budapest president of the party, Győrgy Szilárd announced that Jobbik’s mayor candidate will be Gábor Staudt.

sources: népszabadság, MTI