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Labour Shortages Cause Headache For Hungarian Employers, Survey Reveals

Tamás Székely 2016.10.26.

Fully 57% of Hungarian employers have trouble filling positions, a survey conducted by staffing company ManpowerGroup released on Tuesday shows.


Percent of employers struggling with labour shortage in Hungary (source:

Altogether 32% of the survey’s respondents said they were struggling with a lack of applicants for the vacant positions while 31% complained of a shortage of skilled labour. ManpowerGroup found that the shortage of skilled labour in Hungary exceeded the global average by 17 percentage points. Fully 31% of the employers surveyed said they believed that staff training programmes could serve as a solution to the shortage of skilled labour, while globally 51% of the employers apply this solution.

The top 10 of posts employers worldwide are struggling to fill is almost identical to the list of occupations facing labour shortages in Hungary. The most sought-after workers include skilled labourers, engineers, drivers, IT specialists, accountants and financial experts, the survey found. László Dalányi, ManpowerGroup’s managing director for Hungary, said Hungarian employers suffer from the labour shortage more than other countries globally because they not only have to compete for skilled employees with domestic competitors but with employers from western Europe and other surrounding countries.

The most significant disadvantage in this competition is the low payment Hungarian companies offer. However, the Hungarian employers believe that with raising salaries, they would risk their competitiveness, while at the same time the shortage of skilled labourers has increased so significantly that it, too, endangers their competitiveness. The survey was carried out across 42 countries.

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