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What To Do On Labor Day? The Skanzen Waits For You With Free Programs

Robert Velkey 2017.04.27.

The Hungarian Open Air Museum celebrates its 50th birthday in 2017. They have prepared for this celebration with various programs such as concerts, an eco-garden, a witch’s brew and numerous exciting things. On the 1st of May, Hungary’s Labor Day, the museum opens its gates and invites every interested visitors for free.

The Skanzen of Szentendre is an open air ethnographic museum, established at the end of the 19th century. Over time, in accordance with scientific progress, branches of museology continually developed and differentiated. A demand for creating an ethnographic museum which was suitable to demonstrate folk life in a complex way, furnishings and farming equipment included, arose. On the other hand, the capitalist economy reaching its developed stage in the second half of the 19th century resulted in an intensive urbanisation and modernisation from the north-west to the east of Europe, as a consequence of which the existing pieces of peasant architecture began sinking into decay at an alarming speed. Preservation of monuments of folk architecture became imperative. For accomplishing this dual task, “skanzens” have proved to be exceptionally effective.


The program includes “living history” guides and introduces the 50 years of the Skanzen through thematic places; at the end of the day Lajkó Félix will perform a great concert.

On Monday, between 9am and 5pm, you can find exciting programs at the “north-eastern Hungarian” village, at the town of Felföld, Upper-Tisza areas, Kisalföld and the Amphitheatre  (these are parts of the open air museum).

Just to mention some of the programs:

Lajkó Félix will held a celebration concert at the Amphitheater at 5pm. Lajkó Félix is a genius and his music on violin and citera (Hungarian folk instrument) is amazing. Moreover, the concert will be held in a fantastic venue, the ruins of the roman villa from the 3th century.

Within the “living history” program, you can have a look at the everyday life of the little town of Felföld. Here you can find out what is the relation between the shoemaker and rich widow… just listen to the gossips of the town’s inhabitants as presented by the actors.


You can find also exhibitions, a fair and a marketplace in the other areas of the museum. Don’t forget to try the hand-made syrups or the famous Kenyérlángos when you allow yourself to get lost at the Skanzen.

via: skanzen.hu; szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

photos: skanzen.hu

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