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KSH: Wages Continue To Rise In Hungary

Tamás Székely 2014.12.21.

The average gross wage in Hungary rose 3.3% to 237,539 forints in October from the same month a year earlier. The positive upward trend which has been in place for 22 consecutive months continued, as the latest data released by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) show. All in all, wages in real terms increased by 3.7 percent parallel to a 0.4 percent drop in consumer prices.

In the period January-October 2014, average gross monthly wage was HUF 234 400. Gross wages in the private and public sectors averaged HUF 248 900 and HUF 207 500, respectively. Excluding public work schemes, in the observed period average gross wage was HUF 246 400 within the national economy, while private sector employees earned on average HUF 250 300 and people in public sector jobs received HUF 238 500 per month.

Over the past one year, the number of jobs increased significantly, by 53 thousand within the private sector, at enterprises with at least five employees. The public workers – accounted for about 6.3% of all employed Hungarians in October – earned on average gross 78,043 forintsduring the month. Their wage rose 1.4% in one year. As far as the month of October is concerned, average net wage – including public work employees — was HUF 155 600 within the national economy. Private and public sector employees earned HUF 163 000 and HUF 141 600, respectively.

via and photo: public domain