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KSH: Research and Development Growth in 2013

admin 2014.07.08.

Research and development in Hungary has grown significantly in 2013, reported Hungarian Central Statistics Office (Központi Statisztikai Hivatal, KSH) on Monday. Hungarian companies have spent EUR 1.3 billion (HUF 421 billion) on research and development on, which is 1.44% of the national economy.

The research and development figures of 2013 show a 15.5% growth compared to the previous year, stated the Central Statistics Office based on preliminary estimates and data, while companies showed an even more impressive growth of 22.2%. Government sector has also seen a significant rise of 19.1%, said the Central Statistics Office.

Education, however, cannot boast such impressive figures as in accordance of previous years’ trends the sector continues to shrink in research and development, with spending decreasing by 9.7%. The number of total research and development employments have grown by 3.1%, and currently there are 58.200 researchers working at 3159 institutions in Hungary.

Photo: public domain