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KSH: Promising Trade Figures

admin 2014.07.03.

The Hungarian Central Statistics Office (Központi Statisztikai Hivatal, KSH) reported on Thursday that export of the country during the 2014 April period has reached 7.1 billion euros (2187 billion HUF), while import was 6.4 billion euros (1986 billion HUF) leaving a trade surplus of 629 million euros (193 billion HUF). Volume of retail trade is also on the rise by 5.1 %.

Most of Hungary’s success comes from the the European Union, where export rose by 4.6, import by 4%. One of the biggest areas contributing to these trade figures where the 8.5 and 10% rise in the export and import of machinery and transportation equipment. Compared to the 2013 January and April period the pharmaceutical industry enjoyed reasonable growth with the Euro export growing 4.4. and import by 7.1%.

The export volume of the food industry, beverages and tobacco products rose by 13%, while imports increased by 8.9 percent once again compared to the the 2013 January -April period. The European Union remains Hungary’s number one trade partner, with the 80% of export and 75% of import going in or coming from EU countries.

Photo: public domain