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Krisztián Berki Shoulder Injury Could Mean Surgery

admin 2014.10.21.

Hungarian Olympic champion Krisztián Berki cannot participate in next week’s master pommel horse tournament organized in Békéscsaba due to injury. Berki just recently won his third world championship title of the sport, but he has been struggling with a reoccurring shoulder injury, and now doctors suggest considering surgery.

Berki, who is affiliated with Budapest sport club UTE, is a six time euro champion. He decided to get his shoulder checked after the Nanjing World Championship, when doctors decided to treat the inflammation in his shoulder with injections.

“The pain was intolerable, it started to disturb my everyday life, I still have to avoid any sudden movement”, said 29 year-old Berki in an interview for his club. Berki also revealed that he is scheduled to receive another injection this Wednesday. “We discussed this with my coach, Istán Kovács, and if possible, we will try to avoid operating. I hope that with the inflammation gone the pain will also subside, and I can resume full training in December”, summed up Berki.

via, Szabó Miklós