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Kövér: Preservation of Hungary for Hungarians at Stake in EP Elections

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.21.

Never have the stakes of European parliamentary elections been as high as they will be this May, when the preservation of Hungary for the Hungarian people will be at stake, Speaker of Parliament László Kövér said in Szolnok, in central Hungary, on Wednesday.

Addressing an event organised by the Sándor Márai Civic Circle, Kövér urged voter participation in the elections. At stake, he said, was whether the elections would be won by those who support immigration or those who want to stop it, especially illegal immigration.

The house speaker said it was 5-6 times more efficient to help migrants by, for example, rebuilding and equipping their schools and hospitals than by bringing them to Europe, where he said, they “swell the ranks of the unemployed”.

featured image via MTI/László Beliczay