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Speaker of Parliament László Kövér has called for protection against the “European liberal elite’s nostalgia for communism” and insisted that masses of Europeans are being manipulated under that nostalgia “to destroy our communities”.

Kövér spoke at a meeting of his counterparts from central and eastern Europe marking the 30th anniversary of the first partially free election in Poland and the regime change in the region.

In his address, Kövér said that Hungary’s 2011 constitution ensured sufficient guarantees against any possibility for the communist system to reemerge. Some political forces in Europe, however, seek to “forcefully make the people happy, under the name of a liberalism exhibiting totalitarian characteristics”, he said, adding that those powers “suppress the freedom of thought and opinion under the motto of political correctness”.

In former times it was from Moscow, now it is from Brussels that we are told what the right and progressive behaviour is,”

Kövér went on to say that “private powers without democratic authorisation” use modern communications “to influence our life to such an extent the most feared communist secret services were not capable of”.

In the featured photo: László Kövér. Photo by János Mészáros/MTI