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House Speaker Kövér: EPPO Leader Codruța Kövesi ‘Foreign Agent’

Ábrahám Vass 2020.07.15.

During the parliamentary debate on the European Rescue package and under which conditions the government can support it, House Speaker László Kövér (of Fidesz) accused EPPO leader Laura Codruța Kövesi of being a foreign agent, and compared her to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.

Kövér, in response to Zoltán Balczó, asked whether the Jobbik MP seriously thinks that “we should join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office headed by an agent named Laura Codruța Kövesi?” According to Kövér, Laura Codruța Kövesi “gained recognition and proved her competence by launching dozens of political trials against those belonging to the opposite political side. Among others, against Hungarian mayors. They were accused completely unjustly, taken away from their families at dawn in a commando unit’s car, and so on. During this time, hundreds of thousands of phone calls were intercepted as a result of a collaboration between the DNA and Securitate. Well, if Comrade Ceaușescu were alive, he would be pleased if he saw what they were doing in Romania. To what extent did Romania, as a state, then remain functional as a result of his questionable activities, which were obviously externally motivated, I leave this to the Romanian voters to judge. But do you seriously think that we should join this prosecution because it is guided by a policy of impartiality, rule of law, and real clean hands?” Kövér concluded.

Codruța Kövesi: EPPO Will Also Investigate Hungarian Cases

Codruța Kövesi was elected to lead the EPPO in 2019, after having led the Romanian anti-corruption agency (DNA) and having contributed to a number of high-profile arrests, including leading politicians, and Social Democrat (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea who many dubbed as Romania’s most powerful politician. Not surprisingly, she then faced a number of political and other attacks, and the Social Democrat government eventually replaced her, leading to street protests in our Eastern neighbor countries.

Recently she claimed that although the Hungarian government firmly opposes joining the EPPO, the office will have the right to investigate certain Hungarian cases. She constantly faces accusations of representing foreign interests- years ago, even her former husband Eduárd Kövesi was accused to be an agent of the Hungarian secret services.

That the Hungarian government will be hard on her hasn’t perhaps come as a surprise, after the government and PM Orbán are regularly under fire for the way EU funds are handled in Hungary and strongly oppose Hungary joining the EPPO as they see it as a sovereignty issue. Nevertheless, a signature drive in support of Hungary joining, initiated by independent MP Ákos Hadházy, accumulated almost 700,000 signatures.

featured image via MTI/EPA/Stephanie Lecocq