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Gov’t Spox: European Liberals’ Migration Proposal Reflects “Soros Plan”

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.23.

The European Parliament’s Renew Europe group’s recent “pro-migration” proposal reflects the “Soros plan”, Zoltán Kovács, state secretary at the prime minister’s cabinet office, said in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

“One could think that nearly five years after the migration crisis Europe’s responsible politicians have admitted the failure of their pro-migration policy,” Kovács said, adding, however, that “unfortunately, the situation is different”.

Parties in the Renew Europe group, including Hungary’s Momentum, “see an opportunity rather than a hazard in migration; they would manage [migration] rather than stem it”, Kovács said. “They seek to promote the influx of migrants and allow for the unification of families, they would grant migrants citizenship and oblige European Union members to participate in their distribution,” the state secretary said.

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“What all this means is putting pro-migration plans, which failed so spectacularly in 2015, back on the agenda,” he insisted.