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Korean Journalists Tour Hungary


Korean journalists toured Hungary’s countryside to further discover its hidden treasurers, writes Korea Herald. The goal of the trip was to provide a better look on Hungary, which is already a popular destination for Koreans. The program which was organized by the Hungarian Embassy to Korea.

The Koreans visited Tokaj, Miskolc and Veszprém, characterizing the latter as a city that “boasts a serene and elegant ambience. While the old town maintains its historic beauty, well-organized residential and commercial areas offer more stylish and modern experience to visitors.”

The writer of the article did not fail to mention Lake Balaton. “The lake, acting as a mirror, affects the Mediterranean-like sunny weather in the neighboring areas. Especially the southern shore has been developed as a luxury resort town for wealthy people from centuries ago. ”

In another article on his experiences, the journalist sums up what thermal  baths are like in Hungary” “For travelers who have a bit of time to check out Hungary, thermal baths, the biggest and most famous in Europe, are the snapshot of society and the people there.”

“During the weeklong stay in Hungary, I found: Hungarian forint is still preferred over the euro in many cities; prices for noble hotels and restaurants are absurdly low; and the cities are a lot less crowded other European cities”, concluded the writer of the article. The outlook was also quite positive on Hungarian hospitality, saying that “among other things, Asian tourists are a rare sight in most of the cities. And it is good to be more visible in a foreign country because local people are always willing to help you”.

via Korea Herald