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Europe’s Biggest Korean Cultural Centre Opens in Budapest

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.11.19.

Europe’s biggest Korean cultural centre opened its doors in Budapest on Monday.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new building, foreign ministry deputy state secretary András Baranyi noted that Hungary was the first Eastern Bloc country to establish diplomatic ties with South Korea 30 years ago.

Photo by Márton Mónus/MTI

He added that Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó will open the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Seoul on Dec. 12.

Choe Kyoo-sik, South Korea’s ambassador to Hungary, at the inauguration. Photo by Márton Mónus/MTI

Choe Kyoo-sik, South Korea’s ambassador to Hungary, said Korea and Hungary were now also linked by the tragic Danube ship collision that killed 26 Korean tourists and 2 Hungarian crew members. Choe lauded the efforts of the Hungarian government and the public in the rescue and recovery efforts after the accident.

Featured photo by Márton Mónus/MTI