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Kidnaped Hungarian Girl Has Reappeared After 6 Years

By Robert Velkey // 2017.04.12.

B. Rebeka disappeared in October 2011 at age 13. The teenager has called her family several times, and now has finally come home.

According to Rebeka’s mother, the girl disappeared in her 13th year from her home in Mikebuda. Her mother said then her daughter got involved in prostitution.

In October 2011, she left her home with her girlfriend. They said they were going to the store, but Rebeke never returned, reported The Hungarian tabloid also writes that her girlfriend visited Rebeka’s place and took her clothes the next day.

Rebeka checked in with her parents, and she said she is with her friends, is ok, and will return home. A little while later the police found her, and they took her to the Institute of Lost Children of the 10th district of Budapest. However, she escaped before her mother could come for her.


Later, she was seen in three guys’ company in a hotel in Kőbánya. At this point, it turned out that her friend is a prostitute as well. Later still, she checked in from Germany. That time she said on the phone that she was living with another girl, adding that she wanted to come home, but was terribly afraid.

It is not known exactly how and when, but Rebeka has already made it home. The only thing that her mother said is that “she is alright.”


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