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New Age Olympic Dream Came True For Hungarian Swimmer In Rio 2016 – Cheeseburger In The Spotlight

Robert Velkey 2016.08.12.

Tamás Kenderesi, the young Hungarian swimmer got loved by the public not only because of his results (overtook Phelps in the semifinal of the 200 m butterfly stroke) but for his easy going style and funny statements to the media too. After winning the bronze medal in Rio, his statement about the “sajtburesz” (cheeseburger) became a popular meme in the Hungarian society.

The mentioned epic statmenet of him after winning the bronze was “Winning the bronze was both fantastic and surprising for me at the same time. The last five meters were a little bit chilly but my heart overtook me. I am tired a little bit I think I could grab some cheeseburgers”. he told the Hungarian state-operated sports channel M4.

How is it possible the biggest effect of the Olympic Games in Hungary is the increasing demand for Cheeseburgers? Well, after the funny statement of the young Hungarian athlete the restaurants advertised the Sajtburesz/Cheeseburger or Kenderesi deals…

For example at the Zing Burger of Budapest you get free French fries with your cheeseburger if you say “Sajtburesz” (cheeseburger).

The Burger King and the McDonald’s also welcome the members of the Hungarian Olympic Team for a free cheeseburger.

Anyway the most important is… Finally Tamás Kenderesi grabbed the wished Cheeseburgers with his girlfriend Dalma Sebestyén, who is also an athlete at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Here you can read more about the 19 years old Hungarian swimmer.

via: nemzetisport.hu; 888.hu

photos: facebook.com/dalma.sebestyen; 888.hu

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