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Kazan 2015: Hungary’s László Cseh Triumphs Over Olympic Champion Le Clos In 200m Butterfly

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.06.

Hungary has scored its second gold medal at the 2015 World Aquatics Chamopionships, held in Kazan, Russia, yesterday with male swimmer László Cseh’s triumph on 200m butterfly. The 29-year-old swimmer’s victory marks the twenty-fifth World Championship gold medal won by a Hungarian competitive swimmer and the second in his career, exactly ten years after winning his first World Championship gold in 400m medley in the absence of Michael Phelps.

Having won a bronze medal on 50m butterfly on Monday, Cseh’s hopes were high at 200m butterfly finals on Wednesday afternoon after coming first in both the warm-up and semi-finals, beating South African Olympic champion Chad le Clos by one second and swimming twice within 1:54, an achievement he was unable to make for years.

In the race itself, Cseh overtook the South African in the second half of the stretch after a weak start and trailing behind during the first two fifty-metre lengths, finally beating le Clos with two tenth of a second to cross the finish line at 1:53.48. Following the struggle from the stands, le Clos’s father was visibly shocked to see his som being beaten by a swimmer seven years his senior.

His spectacular victory is only enhanced by the fact that Cseh only came second at Hungarian national championships held in the western city of Győr, being beaten for first place by 18-year-old Tamás Kenderesi, who was unable to take part in the World Championships due to an illness.

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photo: MTI/Valdrin Xhemaj