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Katinka Hosszu Criticizes FINA’s Decision On Changes to Swimming Rules

By Robert Velkey // 2017.05.31.

PR 39 – Innovative concept for the 2017 FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup writes the FINA on its page about the changes of the concepts of swimming rules.

According the organization’s decision, each swimmer in the World Championship series will be able to start a maximum of four times in total.

Hungarian Olympic gold medalist Katinka Hosszu was less than thrilled about the news, writing on her Facebook page

Innovative idea from FINA??! Max 4 starts per swimmer per leg of World Cup??! Congrats FINA, you made sure I can’t swim and win more this year… But nothing else. “the changes received favorable feedback from athletes and coaches”- only they never asked us… And this is why swimming is still an amateur sport… And never gets more attention… Swimmers shouldn’t swim more, right? God forbid swimming would get too much attention… Unbelievable.

Shane Tusup, the self-proclaimed Iron Lady’s husband and personal trainer, also wrote an upset post about the changes: