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Karácsony’s Budapest Trianon Commemoration Received Coldly by Fidesz

Hungary Today 2020.05.27.

In the wake of news about Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony’s initiative that would stop the capital for one minute in remembrance of the Trianon treaty, while an official Fidesz communique likes it, the government commissioner for major Budapest investments is reticent, and the Fidesz communications chief sees it as only a “marketing hook” by the opposition mayor.

In a Facebook entry posted on Sunday, Karácsony proposed that the city should “stop for a minute” at 4:30pm on June 4th, meaning that all Budapest’s public transport services would be interrupted for one minute additionally calling up motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians to follow suit.


In protest against the Trianon dictate, all the bells of Hungary began to toll at the moment the treaty was signed. All traffic stopped for 10 minutes. Shops, schools, and universities were closed. The whole country began to mourn with black flags hung on public buildings.

In response to liberal ATV’s inquiry, a Fidesz statement reads: “the Trianon peace dictate is such a historical, unjust blow to Hungarians, that on its 100th anniversary we have the duty to commemorate, and at the same time we should be proud that despite such a disaster, Hungarians are stronger now than ever. It is right that as many people as possible get involved in the shared remembrance.”

The government commissioner for major Budapest investments, Balázs Fürjes, (whom Karácsony recently criticized for taking part in the govt’s “unjust” attack on him instead of offering a hand to Budapest during the crisis) on the other hand, claimed that it is yet to be seen “whether this was the best solution to stop the traffic of a city with two million residents at peak times. Personally, I prefer commemorations in which participation is voluntary and everyone can or cannot participate at free will.” He warned that he didn’t want it to come back around that this would be some kind of mandatory obligation for the people of Budapest.

Meanwhile, Fidesz communications director István Hollik said that this was just yet another “marketing hook” from Karácsony. In his view, “the mayor and his political allies have proven countless times earlier that they don’t bear in their hearts the fate of Hungarians beyond the borders.”

featured image: Fidesz communications director István Hollik; via Tibor Illyés/MTI