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Justice Minister: “Whether we will be able to control technology or technology will control our lives”

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.03.

The justice ministry’s digital freedom committee aimed at improving the transparency of tech firms held its inaugural session on Monday, Justice Minister Judit Varga said.

The committee has been tasked with looking into the impact technology companies have on the rule of law, the enforcement of individual freedoms and basic democratic norms, Varga told MTI.

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It also seeks to determine “whether we will be able to control technology or technology will control our lives”, she said. The committee will also explore whether the rule of law is enforced on tech companies or if they “are above the law” as well as “our ability to preserve our personal freedoms in the digital space”, the minister added.

The committee will involve stakeholders in looking into existing regulations concerning online activities. The white paper published in connection with the committee covers topics like the right to freedom of expression, privacy protection, the protection of personal data, media regulation, taxation, intellectual property rights, criminal justice, child protection and the digital sovereignty of tech firms, she said.

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At Monday’s session, Varga said Budapest will this year host the Budapest Forum on Digital Freedom, an international conference on the topics in question. Hungary will also initiate a meeting of the Visegrad Group justice ministers in the matter, she added.

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