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Two politicians have a vision for Europe, one of them being Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Justice Minister Judit Varga said in an interview published by German daily Die Welt on Wednesday.

The other one is French President Emmanuel Macron, Varga told the paper. “It is welcome that Macron, as the head of state of a large EU member state, identifies problems and launches debates so that Europe should not lose political weight or economic influence,” she said.

Orbán on Macron: ‘Highly Respected Leader with Vision’

Given a stable political situation in their countries, these two politicians have a vision for the continent and can do their part in its realisation, she said.

Two Poles in the European Union: Emmanuel Macron and Viktor Orbán

Concerning the new European Commission starting its work on Dec. 1, with Ursula von der Leyen at its helm, Varga said she saw the “chance of a new beginning”. Though conflicts are still to be expected, she added, the new EC president had an open approach towards the interests and concerns of central and eastern European countries.

A German Christian Democrat politician, Von Leyen “does not lecture [us], but wants to understand from where we come historically and why we differ from the European mainstream in some respects,” said Varga.

She said the EU’s enlargement portfolio going to Olivér Várhelyi was “a success of the Hungarian government” and a demonstration of the country’s willingness to cooperate.

In the featured photo: Judit Varga. Photo by Gergely Botár/kormany.hu