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Justice Minister Backs European Initiative on Protecting National Regions

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.10.

Justice Minister Judit Varga has said on Facebook that she has added her signature to a European citizens’ initiative on protecting national regions.

The initiative dubbed European Citizens’ Initiative for the Equality of the Regions and Sustainability of the Regional Cultures was launched by the Szekler National Council.

LMP Supports European Initiative on Protecting National Regions

According to its official page, the initiative aims to convince the European Commission to create a cohesion policy that pays special attention to regions with national, ethnic, cultural, religious or linguistic characteristics that are different from those of the surrounding regions.

Attila Dabis, the Szekler National Council’s foreign affairs officer, told public current affairs channel M1 earlier on Friday that the initiative was having a hard time generating the required number of signatures. He said only 60,000 people have signed it so far with just 90 days left until the deadline to collect one million signatures. Dabis said the initiative would have to attract at least 10,000 signatures per day from now on in order to be successful.

In the featured photo: Justice Minister Judit Varga. Photo by Gergely Botár/