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Justice Minister Under Fire From Opposition Over Remarks On Migrants And Roma People

Tamás Székely 2015.05.26.

Opposition parties Dialogue for Hungary (PM) and the Hungarian Liberal Party (MLP) have called on Justice Minister László Trócsányi to resign over what they called “racist remarks” about Hungarian Roma. Trócsányi told Inforadio last week that Hungary had trouble taking in economic migrants as it is focused on helping 800,000 Roma catch up. PM lawmaker Rebeka Szabó said that it was “outrageous” that Trócsányi had depicted the Roma community as a burden on the country.

In response to calls for his resignation, László Trócsányi said he “outright rejects” the “outrageous” and “baseless” accusations against him by the opposition parties. Trócsányi said that caring for the Roma population was a priority and a “moral obligation”.

The Hungarian Justice Minister also said last week that the European Union is not capable of solving the problems of the influx of “economic migrants”. The EU should take into account the capacities of member states when dealing with the wave of refugees, Trócsányi said on an official visit to Berlin, where he held talks with Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, chief advisor for European affairs, and interior ministry state secretary Cornelia Rogall-Grothe.

“Hungary has always applied a considerate approach to political refugees,” Trócsányi said, adding that the issue of “economic migrants”, however, was a different matter, and it had to be dealt with locally. The Minister said there was plenty of common ground regarding the positions of Hungary and Germany, and that the two governments agreed that the causes of economic migration had to be addressed in the migrants’ countries of origin. According to László Trócsányi the assessment of asylum requests had to be sped up in the case of applicants coming from countries deemed as safe.

via hungarymatters.hu, MTI photo: Endre Véssey – MTI