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Justice Minister: EU Legislation On Asylum Should Be Reconsidered

Tamás Székely 2015.02.19.

As the present legislation on asylum does not provide a solution to the problems that have arisen in Europe, the regulations should be reconsidered, Hungary’s justice minister László Trócsányi said in an interview to news portal origo.hu. According to the Trócsányi, Act II of 2007 on asylum merely deals with refugees and protected persons and asylum seekers. The question emerged whether it is possible to manage the case of economic migrants by conventional asylum legislation.

“As far as possible, a unified European regulation and action would be required since the countries on their own were unable to handle this problem”, Trócsányi added. As regards judicial enforcement, the Minister emphasized that it is still a public duty and said that “we have a strong intention to cooperate with enforcement authorities as that is their interest as well. Our objective is to strengthen citizens’ trust in them. In the new system, enforcement authorities should count with stronger state surveillance in order to ensure that their procedures are legal, transparent and reasonable.”

In relation to the new Code of Civil Procedure, László Trócsányi mentioned that one of its main objectives is to shorten the length of proceedings by better preparing legal actions. Lawyers would bear greater responsibility for the effective conduct of legal actions and judges are going to have the adequate means to support rational legal procedures. Concerning the changes of Hungarian professional examination in law, the Minister noted that the supervision of legal studies is still on-going, the Government will receive the report later on.

via kormany.hu photo: valasz.hu