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Varga: Witch-Hunt Against Hungary Continues

Hungary Today 2018.11.23.

In an opinion piece released on Euronews, Minister of State for EU relations, Judit Varga, defends the govt and insists that the Article 7 procedure against Hungary was triggered because of its anti-migration policy.

First, she states that, according to the government, the EU breached the Lisbon Treaty with the approbation of the report, as taking into account the abstentions would have altered the result of the vote. Accordingly, Hungary has turned to the Court of Justice of the European Union for an annulment.

She claims that “the battle rages over legal issues while its motivations are clearly ideological and political.” The government views the Article 7 procedure as a punishment for not abandoning its migration policy.

According to Varga, the EU often overreaches in the domestic affairs of sovereign states and interferes in ongoing legal disputes that are confidential. Certain actions, such as Sargentini’s behavior ahead of the vote, indicate political motives. “Most of the official EP procedure happened behind closed doors and deliberately ignored the calls for open discussion. In comparison, the Hungarian Government showed openness numerous times, for example in the case of our Media Law or the constitutional reform,” she added.

The Minister of State also insists that according to Fundamental Law, Hungary’s commitment to the EU is “above any question,” therefore, “we are still ready and willing to engage in a constructive and mutually open dialogue with anyone criticizing us today.”

(You can read our exclusive interview with Judit Varga here)

featured image via Tamás Kovács/MTI