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Join the Love Revolution: Sziget Festival 2017 Aftermovie Released!

Tom Szigeti 2017.11.03.

One of Europe’s largest and most exciting music events, Sziget Festival was held for the 25th time this summer on the ‘Island of Freedom’ in Budapest. Now, the festival has released the official aftermovie for this year’s musical celebration.

From Pink to Hungarian punk rock, from Chainsmokers to Csárdás folk-dances, Sziget Festival is a truly unique musical and cultural experience. This year’s festivities were as lively as ever, which you can clearly see in the aftermovie below:

Hungary Today also spent time on the Island of Freedom this summer, rocking out with incredible Chinese-Mongolian rock stars, wandering through a surreal inflated playground that seemed straight from the latest Blade Runner, and, perhaps least memorably, watching Iggy Azalea dial it in. We’ve also gotten to know more about what goes into running such a colossal musical endeavor through an interview with one of Sziget’s chief organizers.

If all this has piqued your interest, or if you just happened to miss the boat to the Island of Freedom last summer, don’t worry: tickets for next year’s festival go on sale November 8th.

We’ll be there: will you?


Via Sziget Festival

Image via Riley Dunbar (; Instagram: @rileydunbarphoto)

Video via YouTube