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Jobbik Welcomes ‘Nationwide Opposition’

Hungary Today 2018.12.19.

The recent protest staged by opposition deputies at public media headquarters was a sign of a “nationwide opposition” rather than cooperation between the parliamentary opposition parties, György Szilágyi, MP of conservative Jobbik, said at a press conference held on a different subject on Wednesday.

Péter Jakab, another Jobbik MP, said that the government has “created a situation in which there is a right side and there is a wrong one”. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is on the “wrong” side against the people supporting the protesters’ demands, he insisted.

The deputies denied having disturbed the operations of the public media; on the contrary, “regular operations should have been restored through dropping lies and broadcasting the demonstrators’ demands”.

The two MPs said that nobody was willing to talk to them at the media headquarters and criticised the police for failing to protect the deputies against security staff. Jakab said that the deputies were “doing their job” while security guards “aggressively” prevented them from performing an inspection of the facility.

Finally, Jakab called on President János Áder to veto the “slave law” on labour changes, the recent passage of which elicited the protests.

via MTI