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Jobbik: Coach Company Volánbusz ‘Playing Russian Roulette’ with Passengers due to Overburdened Drivers

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.12.

National coach company Volánbusz is “playing Russian roulette with drivers and passengers” because their drivers are overburdened, an opposition Jobbik MP told a press conference on Wednesday.

Tibor Bana called working conditions at the company “unacceptable”, noting that drivers are often required to work 16-18 hour shifts while having to drive 20-25 year-old buses. “We cannot afford to have exhausted drivers endangering the lives of passengers as well as their own.”

Bana said that drivers were not required to keep a log of their breaks for journeys shorter than 50 kilometres, and warned that putting a driver on several shorter routes could result in an increased workload.

Unless the company improves working conditions and raises its “humiliating” wages, thousands of coach drivers could quit their jobs or go on strike, the Jobbik politician warned.