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Jobbik to Announce New Strategy in September

Hungary Today 2018.07.25.

Jobbik will develop a new strategy by September to answer the challenges posed by recent changes in the ruling parties’ policies, party leader Tamás Sneider said. The strategy will be announced at a party congress, he added.

Jobbik will continue to develop as a “social nationalist people’s party”, but with a growing emphasis on fundamental freedoms, he said. He said that Jobbik has a particular responsibility as the only opposition party currently above the parliamentary threshold in polls.

Since the April 8 general election, the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance has “crossed a line” with some major changes in legislation, Sneider said. He cited the new law on assembly and the redirection of some of the Academy of Sciences’ funding to the innovation and technology ministry as examples. Both moves indicated that the Fidesz-led government continued to curb freedoms even in its third consecutive term in office, he said. The new law on assembly, the Jobbik leader said, “reflects Orwellian conditions” and might lead to the birth of a “thought police”.

A new economic crisis after the elections can bring about “serious waves of unrest” and a growing number of protest groups, he said. The government’s aim is to have a mandate to crack down on such groups, even by resorting to the use of force, Sneider insisted, predicting that protests may start as soon as this autumn.



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