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Jobbik Slams Govt Support of Fudan University in Budapest

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.13.

The opposition Jobbik party on Saturday slammed the government for funding the Budapest branch of China’s Fudan University with 821 million forints (EUR 2.2bn), and called for the support of modern, autonomous Hungarian universities instead.

Party lawmaker Koloman Brenner told an online press conference that “turning a Chinese university loose in Hungarian higher education” and allocating it special government funding was a “new level in [ruling] Fidesz’s anti-knowledge and anti-intellectual politics”.

Hungary, China to Cooperate on Establishment of Fudan Hungary University
Hungary, China to Cooperate on Establishment of Fudan Hungary University

Hungary and China have signed a declaration of intent to cooperate on Fudan University setting up a campus in Budapest, the innovation and technology ministry (ITM) said on Wednesday. Fudan Hungary University will issue both Hungarian and dual Hungarian-Chinese degrees primarily in economics, engineering and medicine programmes, the ministry said in a statement. As part […]Continue reading

He insisted that the university’s high international ranking was “because academic freedom was not among the indicators of such lists”.

Brenner said Jobbik agreed with the government that Hungary should nurture its ties with China, in cooperation with other European Union countries. However, they protest against the operation of a university in the country that is “controlled directly by the Chinese Communist Party”, he said.

The government should support modern Hungarian universities rather than Chinese ones, he said.

Featured photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI