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Jobbik To Resubmit Constitutional Amendment Proposal With Additional Ban On Residency Bonds

By Tamás Székely // 2016.11.14.

The radical nationalist Jobbik party said it would submit to Hungary’s Parliament its own constitutional amendment proposal on banning the resettlement of foreign nationals in Hungary on Monday. Jobbik’s proposal is almost identical to the one submitted by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán last month with the exception of a clause that scraps residency bonds, János Volner, the party’s deputy leader, said.

Volner said the ruling Fidesz party had come to a crossroads. They must now decide if they want to “keep clinging to the billions of forints they make from the residency bond scheme through offshore companies” or if they put the safety of the Hungarian people first, he insisted. He said Jobbik had made it clear in the debates about the government-initiated amendment bill that it considered the safety of Hungarians its number one concern. This means the party will not support any “half solutions” proposed by the government, he said.

Fidesz deputy leader Gergely Gulyás said in response that by rejecting the original bill, Jobbik had caused political damage “not just to the country but to itself as well”. Parliament is a “serious body” and it is impossible for it to amend the constitution within 24 hours, Gulyás pointed out. He added that there was no reason at present for Parliament to put Jobbik’s bill on the agenda.

Last Tuesday the Parliament did not pass a government-initiated constitutional amendment regarding the prohibition of group resettlement of migrants. The bill would have required two-thirds majority (the support of 133 MPs) but the parliament voted 131 for, 3 against, 65 abstaining. All the opposition parties, including Jobbik, abstained. Jobbik said it did not vote the amendment only because the government had refused to abolish its controversial residency bond scheme.

via and MTI