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Jobbik Re-submits Constitutional Amendment

Hungary Today 2018.05.14.

Radical nationalist Jobbik on Friday re-submitted an amendment proposal to Hungary’s constitution. Jobbik lawmaker János Volner highlighted the importance of border protection, arguing for re-introducing a border guard, a proposal which the party has advocated since 2010.

He added that another proposal aimed at banning residency bonds in Hungary has been added to the amendment. Volner said his party was ready to support ruling Fidesz’s “anti-quota” constitutional amendment proposal.

Concerning the government’s residency bond programme, Volner said that people close to the government had made “huge profits” on the bonds, while the programme had “compromised Hungary’s security by allowing migrants into the country several times as many as the number proposed by Brussels”. Jobbik will say no to the government’s “accommodating migrants for money”.



image via Béli Balázs / Alfahír