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Jobbik Would Make Alliance With The Green Party

By Hungary Today // 2016.12.22.

Jobbik during its strategic moves in the political spectrum, which aims to the “right minded centre voters”, would also get closer to the party LMP – according to the

For the present it is not known what frame the collaboration would get, but the president of Jobbik Gábor Vona says the two parties already consider each other as partners, even by few issues as possible allies. Vona told the journalist his party chance to get new votes only from the sinking parties of the left, and from people balancing between Fidesz and Jobbik.

Vona also said: “we can talk about the Hungarian left just in the past tense, they grow lazy and demotivated. He thinks there are just two major parties in Hungary. One is Fidesz and Jobbik is going to be its successor. He also mentions that, LMP would legitimize Jobbik’s movement towards the centre “common sense politics”. He does not say more about the details but he faithful about the possible coalition.

via Mandiner and ATV