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Jobbik Leader Envisions 2018 Election Victory As Radical Nationalists Hold Party Congress

Tamás Székely 2015.06.01.

Gábor Vona, leader of radical nationalist Jobbik, told a party congress that “we wake up every morning ready to govern.” Vona said that the premier, Viktor Orbán, had already admitted in his state of the nation speech that the leading challenge to Fidesz comes from Jobbik. “We will win the election; we’ll take a deep breath and then rebuild our country,” he said, emphasising that the political course which Jobbik was taking was in the direction of a people’s party. The Jobbik leader said it was necessary to sort this change out now, since “at the battle front” there would be no time for tactical consultations.

The radical leader said that he does not underestimate the left wing, but it is clear that the left has suffered from a lack of a programme and from disunity. For victory, a strong programme and calm force is needed, he said, adding that Orbán had begun to see that there is a need to change; “and even he speaks about people-friendly policies.” Vona insisted that Fidesz and the main left-wing opposition Socialist Party are rooted in the 20th century and in a fruitless struggle between them. Addressing critics who brand Jobbik as fascist, he declared: “Whoever has a romantic Nazi yearning … has no place in this party.”

Fidesz lawmaker Szilárd Németh, responding to Gábor Vona’s party congress speech, said that the radical nationalist leader was misleading people and, “if you will, lying”.” Vona has been all along misleading the members of his own party, members of the Hungarian parliament and the whole country.” The Fidesz politician said Vona had recently insisted that he had never represented the position that Hungary should exit the European Union. But the evidence shows otherwise, Németh said, citing a Jobbik press statement from 2012 as well as a public demonstration Jobbik held in the same year, in which Vona stressed that Hungary should quit the EU. Németh added: “You can’t build in Hungary on a policy of lies.”

via photo: Zoltán Máthé – MTI