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Jobbik Lawmaker Dóra Dúró, Others, Leaves Party after László Toroczkai’s Expulsion

Hungary Today 2018.06.11.

Hours after the formerly far-right Jobbik’s disciplinary committee decided to exclude former vice-chairman László Toroczkai, lawmaker Dóra Dúró announced in a Facebook post that she would quit the party.

Toroczkai was expelled after he had run for Jobbik’s leadership unsuccessfully, then attempted to set up a platform within the party to “return the party to the ideology laid out in its founding deed.” Dúró was asked to return her mandate last month, because she had joined the platform set up by Toroczkai.

Far-Right Toroczkai Announces New “Platform” Within Jobbik, Threatens “Party Split”

Besides Dúró, several other members and officials, including Norbert Szőcs, Jobbik’s local leader in Baranya County, have announced that they would follow in Dúró’s footsteps. Speaking on public television, Dúró said she will decide whether to give up her parliamentary seat after the June 23 meeting, organized by Toroczkai in the southern Hungarian town of Ásotthalom, of which he is the mayor.

Dúró said “I am under pressure from both sides,” and added that if there is a clear demand for her to keep her seat “and a new political group is formed… I will not shy away from the task.”

via MTI