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Jobbik is in Serious Trouble and on the Brink of Collapse

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.02.15.

Jobbik president Tamás Sneider told left-wing newspaper Népszava that if the party isn’t granted the opportunity to pay in installments, it won’t be able to cover the penalty imposed by the State Audit Office.

Jobbik is preparing for its potential dissolution due to not having enough resources to cover the fine.

Sneider also told the newspaper that the party only has 20 million HUF in its bank account. Meanwhile, Jobbik’s expected to pay close to one billion forints in penalties. However, the party doesn’t expect to receive budget subsidies from the Treasury.

He claims that Jobbik received the news last Friday and, according to the warning, the party was required to transfer 136 million HUF within 15 days. Jobbik has already contacted the tax office (NAV) but so far, only informal negotiations have taken place.

Members of Jobbik’s parliamentary faction have decided that in the event that the party ceases to exist, MPs will continue to work as independent representatives.

Featured image: PestiSrácok.hu