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Jobbik Repeats Call for Direct Election of President

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.01.11.

The opposition Jobbik party has again proposed electing Hungary’s president by a direct vote, saying it would strengthen civic democracy.

Jobbik lawmaker Koloman Brenner told an online press conference on Monday that though his party had no intention of changing Hungary’s political system, a president elected directly by popular vote could provide a useful counterbalance to the prime minister in office.

The only change Jobbik would make when it comes to the powers of the head of state, he said, was requiring a two-thirds majority for passing bills sent back to parliament by the president.

Opposition Parties Lay Down Joint Government Principles
Opposition Parties Lay Down Joint Government Principles

Parties of the parliamentary opposition on Tuesday signed an agreement concerning principles of a joint government should they win the next general election in 2022. Signatories of the document pledged efforts to build a “democratic, socially equitable, environment- and climate conscious, cooperative Hungary”. The document was signed by leaders of right-wing Jobbik, liberal Momentum, green […]Continue reading

Brenner said that unlike parliamentary elections, presidential election campaigns would be about choosing the candidate best capable of embodying the unity of the nation, rather than political divisions.

Featured photo illustration by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI