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Jobbik: Fidesz Offers ‘Semi-feudal Wage Slavery’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.22.

Opposition Jobbik deputy group leader György Szilágyi said on Wednesday that the upcoming European Parliament elections will decide whether “predictable everyday security” and a wage union “guaranteeing equal pay for equal work” across Europe can be provided.

Voters must choose between the “irresponsible policies” of Prime Minister Viktor “Orbán driving Hungary out of the European Union” or securing a predictable future, he said. They must choose between ruling Fidesz’s offer of a “semi-feudal wage slavery” involving low wages and “those emigrating from Hungary being replaced by guest workers” or Jobbik’s proposed wage union.

Hungary Gross Wages up 12 pc

Hungary’s EU membership has resulted in a “price union” where Hungarians pay the same for products and services as people in Western Europe but at the same time, wages in Hungary are still around a third or a quarter of those in Western Europe, he said.

Average Income Stays Below the Hungarian Average in 18 out of 19 Counties

More than 800,000 young Hungarians have left Hungary in the hope of better wages and if this trend continues, the local pension and benefit system could collapse within a few years, Szilágyi said.

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