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Jobbik Set to Decide on MEP on Wednesday

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.27.

Jobbik’s national board will decide on who it will send to the next European Parliament on Wednesday, Márton Gyöngyösi, the nationalist party’s top candidate, said after confirmation of the EP election results.

Jobbik conducted a “decisive campaign under unprecedented pressure”, Gyöngyösi told MTI on Sunday night, adding that

no other political community could have survived this kind of pressure”

“We have a complete programme,” he said. “We’re offering an alternative to [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán’s platform,” he added, noting his party’s promise of the introduction of a border guard with a view to protecting the country against migration. Gyöngyösi said a consensus on a solution to protect the entirety of the European Union must be reached.

Under Jobbik’s platform, he said, migrants “unleashed” on Hungary in recent years would be screened and deported, if necessary. As regards the emigration of Hungarians, he said levelling the playing field for wages across the EU was the solution, noting, that this, however, would require a new cohesion policy. For combatting corruption, he said Hungary should join the European prosecutor’s office.

We’ll look for allies, we’ll be aiming for a consensus so that Hungary’s national interests are enforced and European solutions are drawn up”

Jobbik won one seat with 6.44 percent of the vote in Sunday’s EP election.

In the featured photo: Márton Gyöngyösi. Photo by Tamás Kovác/MTI