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Jobbik Calls on Govt not to ‘Sacrifice’ Workers on Capital’s Altar

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.01.14.

The right-wing opposition Jobbik party has called on the government not to sacrifice Hungarian workers on the altar of capitalist interests, deputy leader Balázs Ander said on Monday.

In addition to supporting the four demands submitted by trade unions to the government, Jobbik wants to extend eligibility for pension after 40 years of work to men, he told a press conference.

The unions demanded the withdrawal of labour code amendments, changes to the strike law, fair wages and a flexible pension system in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán last week.

Ander said that Jobbik’s programme for employees promises the vision of a fair, liveable and competitive Hungary.

Hungary “has been degraded into a colony of multinationals and a province of oligarchs with close links to the government”, a place where employees are worth very little, Ander said.

Consecutive governments offering strategic partnerships to multinationals have turned Hungarian workers into servants under a “sociopathic, neo-liberal dogma,” by keeping wages low, trimming workers’ rights and sidelining trade unions.