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Jobbik to Abstain from Vote on Sargentini Report

Hungary Today 2018.09.12.

The conservative opposition Jobbik party said that it will abstain from the European parliamentary vote on the Sargentini report, a review of the rule of law in Hungary proposing to launch an Article 7 procedure against the country, on Wednesday.

An Article 7 procedure could ultimately strip Hungary of its voting rights.

Jobbik said on Tuesday that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, contributing to an EU debate on the report on Tuesday, used the “flaws and distortions of the report to hold a campaign speech to his liking.”

Jobbik said Orbán had “carefully avoided factual elements of the report regarding corruption, the governmental takeover of institutions, and the dismantling of the freedom of the press.”

Contrary to its original function, the EP debate has but provided a platform for the “corrupt Hungarian premier who is dismantling democracy”, Jobbik said. Jobbik “is unwilling to take part in this pathetic farce”, it said.

Jobbik MEP Zoltán Balczó said earlier in the EP debate that his party would abstain from the vote.


via MTI

featured image: Zoltán Balczó in the EP in 2016; via