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Jewish Ex-Leader: Muslim Immigration Could Spell An End To Europe's Jewish Communities

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.10.14.

Mass immigration from the Muslim world is a threat to the Jewish community because it exports the Middle Eastern conflict to Europe, a senior Hungarian Jewish public figure has said.

Speaking to the Wednesday edition of the pro-government daily newspaper Magyar Idők, Péter Feldmájer, the former head of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ), the country’s largest Jewish organisation, said that immigration poses a major national security threat to Europe and the protection of Schengen borders is “vital” if the wave of immigration is to be halted. “There are evil people among them [the migrants], who are sent to our continent by their evil leaders. Even if they form only a negligible part of all immigrants, they bring with them strife which could lead to explosions”, he said.

“The mass settlement of Muslim immigrants would end safety because they would export the Middle Eastern conflict here and in an objective sense, this would spell an end to the Jewish communities here”, Mr. Feldmájer said, while claiming that the existence of Christianity in Europe would not come under threat.

Concerning the necessity to protect Schengen borders, he argued that everyone must respect EU regulations, including rules on crossing the border. Commenting on US-based Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros’s proposals on taking in migrants, he said that the financier fails to consider that Europe and the continent’s Jewish community is “unprepared” for the arrival of Muslim masses.

62-year-old Mr. Feldmájer, a lawyer by profession, led MAZSIHISZ, Hungary’s largest Jewish organisation, between 1991 and 1999 and subsequently from 2005 to 2013.

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photo: Máté Fülöp/hvg.hu