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It’s Getting Harder to Work in the UK: Increased Qualifications and English Skills Required from 2021

Fanni Kaszás 2020.02.20.

According to details released on Wednesday, the British government will tie the work of foreigners in the United Kingdom to qualifications appropriate to the job offer as well as English language skills. According to Hungarian state news service MTI, the explicit aim of the new system is to eliminate the employment of low-skilled foreign workers.

The conservative British Government intends to enforce a uniform immigration regime similar to the Australian scoring approach, which would apply equally to those from the European Union and non-EU countries, after the expiration of the 11-month transition period after Brexit, so from January 2021 onward.

The UK Home Office released the details of the regulatory principles on Wednesday. According to these, fulfilling all the required set criteria, 130 points can be awarded, from which foreign applicants must collect at least 70 points in order for the UK authorities to approve the application form.

The proposed system gives the opportunity for applicants to meet other criteria if they do not meet one certain condition. However, this does not apply to all conditions, so there are requirements that must be met. These include demonstrating the English proficiency required for the position to be filled – worth 10 points – presenting a valid job offer from an officially approved employer (20 points), and demonstrating that the foreigner applying for the job has the qualifications required for the job offer (also 20 points). The lack of these three conditions cannot be compensated for by the fulfillment of other requirements.

featured photo: Pixabay