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Investigation against Elios Terminated for Absence of Crime

Hungary Today 2018.11.07.

The investigation against Elios Innovativ, a procedure initiated in the wake of a report by the EU’s anti-fraud office (OLAF), has been terminated for absence of crime, a national police spokesman said on Tuesday.

Police have reviewed a “substantial amount” of documents and concluded that no crime has been committed, Kristóf Gál said.

OLAF has raised suspicion that Hungarian businesses have cooperated fraudulently in public procurement processes for public lighting projects and billed higher amounts than they were  entitled to, the spokesman said. He added that “the comprehensive investigation conducted by the Hungarian authorities has not corroborated the OLAF report.”

EU Anti-Fraud Office Accuses Orbán’s Son-in-Law of Corruption in Lighting Contracts

via MTI

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