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International Bartók Seminar and Festival

By admin // 2014.07.11.

The International Bartók Seminar and Festival is set to begin this weekend in Szombathely, Vas County. The ten-day event will feature several Hungarian and international musicians. Organizers and visitors are to celebrate two anniversaries, as this year marks the 30th Bartók Festival, alongside with the 70th birthday of renowned composer Péter Eötvös.

The first weekend of the festival will see the Festival Opening Concert, where violinist Aniko Suwanai of the Savaria Symphony Orchestra will perform alongside Andrea Meláth and Isvtán Kovács, while Sunday will feature the Amadinda Percussion Group and later in the evening the Duna Dance Group.

In accordance of festival traditions, the concerts will revolve around the heritage of Béla Bartók, esteemed Hungarian composer and pianist of the early 20th century. Throughout the ten day event adtaptions of the Bluebeard’s Castle and The he Miraculous Mandarin can be seen.

More information about the International Bartók Seminar and Festival can be found here.