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Interactive Project Selected To Represent Hungary At Venice Biennale

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.01.02.

A nine-member professional jury has named Hungary’s representative at the 59. Venice Art Biennale despite a number of players on the fine arts scene calling for a boycott due to the replacement of former Palace of Arts director Gábor Gulyás as national coordinator in charge of Hungary’s bid.

Of the ten valid tenders that arrived for the call, the jury selected Szilárd Cseke’s project Sustainable Identities, curated by Dr. Kinga German. According to the review, Mr. Cseke’s installation raises questions and provokes thinking on the constantly mobile possibilities of identity, which are nevertheless bound by limits. Its virtue lies in its pure design, which displays the problem from various aspects in a well-concieved structure.

The project is composed of three groups of items:

1. A dense webwork of foil tubes, in which white balls are propelled by ventillators. These are fixed from wall to wall in four layers above human height, mounted both on and slightly in front of walls.

2. A large, transparent foil cushion which inflates and deflates constantly.

3. A sound installation which reproduces the composed sound of balls rolling in the tube in a smaller area of the exhibition space, optically secluded from other artefacts.

The Venice Art Biennale is set to take place in the Italian city for the fifthy-sixth time between 9 May and 22 November 2015. The major international exhibition of contemporary art takes place once every two years since 1895.