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Inspections Reveal Alcohol of Dubious Quality in Budapest’s ‘Party District’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.24.

Many bars and shops in Budapest’s popular “party district” are selling alcoholic drinks without an excise seal, and often poor quality beverages are sold as premium products, according to tax and food safety inspectors.

Budapest Named One of the Cheapest Party Destinations in Europe

A series of inspections by tax authority NAV and the food safety body NÉBIH in Budapest’s seventh and eighth districts found irregularities in over half of the shops and bars in the tourist hotspot, a NAV statement said.

Local Referendum on Budapest’s Party District to Be Held in February

The authorities seized products and, in one case, equipment and cash in lieu of 15 million forints of outstanding debt. Just before the inspections, the number of invoices issued rose by 20,000, and 230 workers in temporary employment were registered, the statement added.