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New Information Office Training Centre Inaugurated

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.05.28.

The training of staff at the Information Office (IH), Hungary’s civilian intelligence agency focused on intelligence gathering operations primarily abroad, must always reflect and adapt to changing circumstances, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Thursday, addressing the inauguration of the IH’s new training centre.

The impact the novel coronavirus pandemic will have on the world is not yet clear, but what is certain is that “nothing will be the way it was before,” Szijjártó said in an audio message. A new political world order will emerge along with a new global economic competition, he said, adding that this would also boost the significance of civilian intelligence gathering.

It is clear that global economic competition will intensify and the pecking order will be determined by the amount of jobs countries are able to save and create, the minister said.

One of the most glaring changes in everyday life will be online networking replacing in-person meetings, Szijjártó said, warning that this would also increase the risk of cyber attacks. Szijjártó underlined the need to devote greater attention to uncovering cyber security threats.

Strengthening NATO is also in Hungary’s interest, he said, adding, that the country was constantly increasing its contribution to the alliance.

In the coming period, the strongest countries will be the ones that are the most effective in enforcing their national interests, Szijjártó said.