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More Information About The Hungarian Couple Found Burned In Belize

By Robert Velkey // 2017.03.16.

It would seem that two Hungarians who were victims of a car fire in Belize may have been murdered, according to Hungarian tabloid site The burned bodies of the woman and the man were found near the city of Placencia on the side of the road.

According to local news site, the Police Department does not believe that this was an accident — it was a case of double murder. This initial theory was reinforced by the fact that there was no one sitting in the drivers’ seat when the bodies were found.

By contrast, however, Bors reported more recently that multiple eyewitnesses claim that this was no murder, that the truck simply slammed into a light pole before bursting into flames. The lack of a body in the drivers’ seat, furthermore, could be explained by the fact that the model in question, a Ford F-350, has bench seating, meaning that the driver could have slid to the right door in an attempt to escape.


The man traveled to the Central American country on a business trip, reported.

The plate of the car was replaced but the police discovered that the Hungarian couple had no connection to the papers of the car.

A local newspaper writes that the couple is suspected to have been murdered before or during the fire, and it is believed that the car accident was staged.