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Infant In Critical Condition After Being Shot With Air-Rifle In Rural Hungary

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.10.17.

An infant is in critical condition after being accidentally shot with an air-rifle by his father in a remote village in rural southwestern Hungary.

The 11-month-old baby, who remains in a critically serious condition, was injured with the weapon in the small village of Old, Baranya county, on Wednesday, the director of the pediatric clinic in the county seat of Pécs said on Monday.

The child was taken to the Pécs hospital  by a helicopter and underwent neurosurgery before being placed in intensive care, Professor Tamás Décsi said.

Police were informed by a telephone operator at the ambulance service that an infant was hospitalised at around 12:00 p.m. in the nearest town, Siklós, after suffering a gunshot wound, authorities said.

Criminal proceedings have been launched against the baby’s 22-year-old father, who authorities say put down his loaded air-rifle neglectfully, causing it to fire at his young son. The man will be prosecuted for unintentionally causing a life-threatening injury, according to police.

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